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Frequent hand washing, surface sanitization, face masking and social distancing are being utilized for the safety of all. Any kitchen tools/supplies used for multiple clients are sanitized between each use. Fresh clean kitchen aprons are worn to each client's home as well for meal prep. 

This service does not require the use of any preset menu options/meal plans. Clients are free to (and are encouraged to) be as involved in the meal planning process as they wish. Each week's meals are decided by both the chef and the client at the beginning of designated service timeslot each week. Menus have the ability to change or remain the same each week per client's request. Feedback on client's satisfaction with menus each week is strongly encouraged. Here at CC, being open to growth and advancement is essential because it is used as a tool to tailor the service to the individual client's needs and care for them more efficiently and affectively, 

Clients pay for the groceries purchased each week (if applicable) and an hourly service fee. Three hour service minimum per week. There is a holding fee charge for service dates skipped by the client. Drive time fee may be applicable depending on where the client's home is located. Please email for current pricing rates.  CC does not require any prepayment or contract fees. Clients also have the ability to book parties. Party pricing is separate from normal service  charges. Feel free to inquire about our special event services and pricing. 

Clients recieve meal prep services once a week on a pre agreed upon day of the week and time. This scheduling is done during the client's complimentary consultaion. 

Contact us at to schedule your consultation completely free of charge. Once scheduled, I will arrive at the alloted time and meet the client at their home. Consultations usually last about an hour. Discussion topics include client's food likes and dislikes, allergies, specific dietary needs and restrictions, amount of food needed and contact information, etc. Should the client decide to establish service during the consultation, a service time slot will be created and a kitchen tour perfromed. This ensures the client's kitchen is properly prepared for weekly meal prep. The more prepared the kitchen, the better the service results. Clients assume responsibility for the cost and acquirement of any kitchen supply needs. All kitchen tools purchased by the client remain in the client's possesion indefinitely. 

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